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The Prince Edward Island Woodlot Owners Association (PEIWOA) was founded in 2012, unifying the predecessor local forestry groups across the province and providing a voice for the more than ten thousand private woodlot owners on Prince Edward Island. PEIWOA is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, province-wide organization which holds board seats on the PEI Federation of Agriculture (PEIFA) and the Canadian Forest Owners (CFO).

The PEIWOA Board represents private woodlot owners to government and industry, seeking resources for them to manage and harvest woodlots sustainably. PEI’s forestry context is influenced by hurricane Fiona damage, climate change, a shortage of silviculture workers, loss of markets for softwood and worries about invasive species, to mention only a few problems. Against this backdrop, PEIWOA supports good stewardship, safety, woodlot management education and best practices, and continues to lobby our Provincial government to support forestry consultants, fund its acclaimed Forestry Enhancement Program (FEP) and lead further evolving initiatives.

We welcome as much volunteer input as possible. Your continued support will enable PEIWOA to grow and move forward. Please encourage other woodlot owners to join through this website so we can help even more people add value to woodlands and forest products.

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Prince Edward Island Woodlot Owners Assn.
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